Tax Year 2019 Client Checklist
Please complete the following checklist as it pertains to You, Your Spouse, and Your Dependents for 2019. Please note that all fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

** The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act now requires more detail about how you use proceeds from mortgages and home equity loans.
1. Did your address change during the year?
2. Did your marital status change during the year?
3. Were there any changes in dependents? Please provide SSN for new child.
4. Did any of your dependents file their own tax return or have wages?
5. Are you supporting anyone not living with you?
6. Are you the parent(s) of a child with special needs? If so, elaborate.
7. Are you separated or divorced with child(ren)?
8. In 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange or acquire virtual currency?
9. Did you change employment in 2019?
10. Did you have self-employment income (or loss)? Include Lyft, Uber, Etsy, etc
11. Did you...
12. Did you receive any disability or unemployment payments?
13. Did you receive or pay alimony?
14a. Did you maintain a foreign bank or investment account at any time in 2019?
14b. If so, did you received any foreign income, including interest?
14c. Did the account balance(s) reach $10,000 at any time during 2019?
15. Did you receive ANY interest or dividend income? No amount is too small!
16. Did you buy/sell any stocks, bonds, or other investment property?
17a. Did you acquire, exercise or sell employer-based stock or options?
17b. Do you have stock acquired from ISOs exercised in a prior year?
18. Did a lender cancel or forgive any of your debt?
19. Did you make any withdrawals from an education savings account or 529 plan?
20a. Did you own a second residence or other real estate or land?
20b. Did you sell any real estate (personal, investment or business use)?
20c. Did you receive ANY rental income? Include Airbnb, VRBO, etc.
21. Did you or your dependent(s) have any higher education expenses?
22. Did you pay any student loan interest?
23a. Did you make contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA) outside work?
23b. Did you make or receive any distributions from an HSA?
23c. If so, was it used for qualified medical expenses for you/your dependents?
24. Did you purchase a motor vehicle or boat or RV?
25. Did you pay out-of-pocket medical expenses that may qualify for deduction?
26. Do you have any medical or charity mileage?
27a.** Did you purchase, sell, or refinance your principal home or second home?
27b. **Do you have a home equity loan or line of credit?
27c. **If so, were all proceeds used to build, improve or acquire that home?
28. Did you build, or make capital improvements to, your primary residence?
29. Did you make any charitable contributions?
30. Are you self-employed & regularly/exclusively use area of home for business?
31. If self-employed, do you have records for all business-related expenses?
32a. Are you self-employed and use your car for business purposes?
32b. If so, are you paying interest on a car loan?
33. Did you or your spouse reach age 70 1/2 in 2019?
34. Did anyone in the family receive Social Security benefits?
35a. Did you receive a distribution from a retirement plan? 401k, IRA, SEP, etc.
35b. Did you make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your IRA?
36a. Did you convert part/all of your traditional IRA/SEP/SIMPLE IRA into Roth?
36b. Do you have IRAs with non-deductible/after-tax contributions (i.e. basis)?
37. Have you (or plan to) contribute in tax year 2019 to...
38. Did you receive any notices from the IRS or any state taxing agency?
39. Did you make any estimated federal or state tax payments?
40. Were you a resident of (or did you have income in) more than one state?
41. Did you pay anyone for domestic or medical services in your home?
42. Did you incur any day care costs for your dependents so you can work?
43. Did you gift more than $15,000 to one or more people?
44. Do you think you may qualify for any energy-related credits?
45. Did you use the Marketplace Exchange for health insurance during 2019?
46. Did you...